Bicycle Component Fit & Function Research Archive

Research Summary:
High performance racing bicycles use tires that are glued to the rim. Despite the frequent and catastrophic adhesive failures and subsequent injuries to the rider, the performance of the adhesive under various tire - rim - adhesive combinations at various temperatures, loads and other operating conditions is poorly understood. Further, the bicycle industry has been plagued with litigation as bicycle componentry including tire adhesive has allegedly failed. Sophisticated equipment is being sold to the unsophisticated public. Even though bicycles are an alternative, low-energy form of transportation, the industry is notoriously under-capitalized and cannot withstand repeated attacks through the courts. The purpose of this research is to develop performance guidelines for adhesive and bicycle component performance to maximize the success in competition and to maximize the safety of the riding public.

Tubular Tire Adhesive Performance Quick Release Retention Analysis Thesis/Dissertations
  • Sul, Tubular Tire Adhesive Performance Analysis, complete