CPE 211: Material and Energy Balances

Course Description:
The application of the laws of chemistry, physics, and mathematics to the solution of material and energy balance problems occurring in the process industries. Prerequisite: C&PE 121 or consent of instructor and CHEM 188.

Introduction and Calendar
Introduction to the Course
Calendar for Fall 2001

Lecture Presentations
Lecture 1- Course Introduction
Lecture 2- Units
Lecture 3- Interpolation and Curve Fitting
Lecture 3a- Curve Fitting (Excel Spreadsheet Demonstration)
Lecture 4- Process Variables
Lecture 5- Pressure and Temperature
Sample exam Key
Lecture 7- Introduction to material balances (temporarily unavailable)
Lecture 8- Multiple Control Volumes ,Part-I
Flow Sheet Symbols
Lecture-9,Multiple Control Volumes ,Part-II
Lecture-11,Multiple Control Volumes,part-III
Lecture-12,Material Balance with Chemical Reaction
Lecture-17-Liquids, solids , ideal and non ideal gases
Lecture-18-Multi phase systems

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