CPE 624: Plant and Environmental Safety

Course Description:
An introductory course designed to acquaint students to topics including chemical plant and environmental accident analysis; review of hazard evaluation procedures including fault tree, hazard and operability studies and human error analysis; safety equipment design; EPA and TOSCA criteria and ethical considerations. Prerequisite: C&PE 613 and C&PE 615.

Page Contents:
Introduction and Calender
Lecture Presentations

Introduction and Calendar

Office Hours
Plant Disaster Project Grade Sheet [2008]
Project 2: Written Report Evaluation Form [2008]
Project 2: Presentation Evaluation Form [2008]

Note: [2008] indicates that the file is from 2008.

Lecture Presentations

Introduction: A Course Focused on Reducing Risk & Accepting Uncertainties
Problem Solving Skills
API 750
A Study in Operating & Design Consequence
Loss Prevention
Comparison : HRST Vs. NAT
Unsteady State Process Simulation
Unsteady State Process Simulation Tutorial
Rating Mode vs. Design Mode
Introduction to Dynamic simulations in Chemcad
Dynamic simulations with controls in Chemcad
Chemcad files corresponding to the Dynamic simulations with controls lecture (in Zip format, unzip them and set the parent directory as the work folder)
Chemcad Batch Reactor Module
Chemcad files corresponding to the Batch reactor lecture (in Zip format, unzip them and set the parent directory as the work folder)
Inherent Safety
System Errors
Safety Culture Development
Case Study: Marathon HF Release
Event Tree Analysis
Fault Tree Analysis
Introduction to Process Hazard Evaluation
Hazard & Operability Studies
HazOp Spreadsheet
Storage of Agricultural Chemicals
Introduction to Consequence Estimation
The Making of Polystyrene
Layer of Protection Analysis
LOPA Worksheet
Project 2 Introduction [2005]
Project 2 Focus [2005]
Relief [2005]
Relief & Safety Systems [2005]
NSPE-Code of Ethics for Engineers


Assignment 1
Supplement - Problem 3 drawing
Assignment 2
Assignment 3
Assignment 4

In Class Exercises

In Class Exercise 1 - Polymerization Reactor Synthesis
HazOp Example 02/09/09


Memo 1: Project 1
Memo 2: Project 2
Memo 3: Project 2 - Groups

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