Director - Colin S. "Chip" Howat III Ph.D. P.E. [MO]
     University of Kansas Department of Chemical and Petroluem Engineering
     1530 W. 15th Rm. 4132
     Lawrence, Kansas 66045


The Kurata Thermodynamics Labarotory is a self-supporting, stand-alone reseach facility located at KU's West Campus.  The facility is divided among student offices, experimental laboratories, and machine shops. Currently, four graduate students with diverse research interests are supported at KTL.  Kurata Thermodynamic Labarotory was named after Dr. Fred Kurata who established some of the pioneering research efforts in natural gas thermodynamics. Research areas of Plant Performance Analysis, Volitile Organic Compound Thermodynamics, Design Reliability, Fluidized Bed Drying and Bicycle Performance are well established and ongoing.  The facility is 5,500 sq. ft. with a laboratory and office sections.  Please feel free to browse the resources of this site or contact us if you have any questions.

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